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How to Cure the Chills Naturally

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Intro: If you are shaking, sweating, or trembling, you may be suffering from the chills. Follow these steps to cure the chills naturally.


Step 1: Cover your entire body with clothing. Wear a few layers of clothing if you have a bad case of the chills. Do a few jumping jacks to warm your body up.


How to Cure the Chills NaturallyStep 2: Some good herbs to take to cure the chills are chamomile, peppermint, white willow, cayenne, and hyssop.


Step 3: The chills is usually the start of something worse, so take a visit to your doctor and start a healthy program for your body. Start eating veggies, fruits, taking a daily multi-vitamin, and taking vitamin C tablets. Start getting a ton of sleep at night and soaking in a hot bath after work.


Step 4: Work on improving your blood circulation by exercising and eating a healthy diet. Your chills may be resulting from poor circulation.


Tips: As soon as you start experiencing chills, you should take a hot bath, cover up with layers of clothing, and alter your lifestyle to help prevent something worse.


Warnings: Take a visit to the doctor for some professional advice if your chills continue.

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paul said:

Good tips for curing the chills. 5 stars..
March 14, 2010
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Very good points to consider.
March 14, 2010
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