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How to Cure Motion Sickness Naturally
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How to Cure Motion Sickness Naturally

Intro: When experiencing motion sickness, you may feel nauseous, have a cold sweat, start vomiting, and become dizzy. Follow these steps to cure motion sickness naturally.


Step 1: Relax your semi-circular canals. If you are experiencing motion sickness while on a boat, you should lie down and close your eyes. When you are in a car, you should put your head on the head rest so your head is facing slightly upwards.


Step 2: Try taking some ginger capsules and charcoal tablets before or during your motion sickness.


Step 3: Eat a small healthy meal a little while before the trip. Junk food, large meals, and alcohol can all cause you to experience motion sickness.


Step 4: Roll down the windows or turn on the air conditioning in the car. Fresh cold air can help prevent and cure motion sickness.


Step 5: Sit still and look straight forward when on a boat, in car, and etc.


Step 6: Some good herbs for motion sickness prevention are hops, skullcap, and chamomile.


Tips: To cure motion sickness naturally, you should eat a small meal containing a lot of whole grains before and during the trip.


Warnings: If your motion sickness is a serious problem, you should consult with a doctor.

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