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How to Choose a Las Vegas Hotel
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How to Choose a Las Vegas Hotel

Intro: When planning a trip to Las Vegas, you will have a lot of decisions to make. The biggest decision is usually deciding on a hotel. Follow these steps to choose a Las Vegas hotel.


Step 1: Choosing a Las Vegas hotel depends greatly on what you like about Las Vegas and what you typically do when in Las Vegas. Many people like being right on the strip where all the action is. Others like a quieter, more peaceful side of Vegas away from the strip.


Step 2: If you decide on the strip, you must consider what casino and hotel will fit in your budget. Staying at luxury hotels, such as the Bellagio, may be out of the question. If you are looking for a very affordable strip casino, you should stay at the Flamingo. The Flamingo is right in the middle of the strip and is extremely well priced for its prime location.


Step 3: If you want to stay off of the strip, there are many smaller casinos and hotels in Las Vegas which are miles from the strip. The Rio and Palms hotels are slightly off the strip but still very close. You can easily get back and forth to the strip with free shuttles and at night you can get away from all the craziness.


Step 4: To choose a Las Vegas hotel, determine what factor is most important to you. If location is most important, you should put up a map of Las Vegas and determine where you want to be. If price is the most important factor, you should check out some less expensive casinos. If a certain casino game is most important to you, research to see which casino is best for that game. For example, if you are interested in Texas Hold’em, then the Rio (where the WSOP is held), Caesar’s Palace, or Bellagio may be best for you.


Step 5: If you want to get the best of both worlds, stay at a fancy strip hotel one night and an off-strip hotel the next night. You can figure out which one you prefer for your next trip.


Tips: To choose a Las Vegas hotel, weigh the pros and cons of each potential hotel.


Las Vegas is becoming more about tourist attractions and less focused on gambling, so get out there and experience it all.


Warnings: If you book a hotel around gambling, you may lose more than you planned.

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paul said:

Las Vegas is a fun place. Choosing a hotel can be tough because there are so many.
July 02, 2009
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Carl Benjamin said:

August 23, 2010
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