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How to Make Cardboard Furniture

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How to Make Cardboard Furniture

Intro: Cardboard can be made into furniture with enough strength to support the weight of a person. Follow these steps to make cardboard furniture.


Step 1: To make cardboard furniture, you will need some good strong cardboard to work with. Large boxes will usually do the trick.


Step 2: Find some online designs and diagrams to follow when making cardboard furniture. There are a lot of great online resources available. Check out this link to find out some way to make a cardboard chair: http://www.designboom.com/cardboard.html.


Step 3: To make cardboard furniture, you will need a knife, some glue, and a measuring tape. Make sure you measure out the pieces as in the diagrams and draw a line with a pencil where you will be cutting.


Step 4: After you mark out the pieces, start cutting them out. Be careful to stick with the lines you have measured and drawn out.


Step 5: To make cardboard furniture, interlock or glue the pieces together depending on what the diagram or plan calls for. Give the glue adequate time to dry before sitting on your cardboard furniture.


Step 6: Once the glue dries, test out your cardboard furniture carefully. Do not jump onto the chair or apply all of your weight right off of the bat. Ease into it and make sure the chair is holding up before you apply all of your weight.


Tips: To make cardboard furniture, all you need is cardboard and a diagram or plan to follow.


Warnings: Be careful not to cut yourself when cutting out the pieces.


Watch out for cardboard paper cuts; they can really sting.

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