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How to Buy Quality Clothing For Less
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Written by John C   

How to Buy Quality Clothing For Less

Intro: It seems that cheap clothing never lasts or holds up well while expensive clothing usually does. By following these steps you will learn to buy quality clothing for less.


Step 1: To buy quality clothing for less, you should examine the clothing a little more closely at cheaper clothing retail stores.


Step 2: Checking out the seams of clothing is the best way to determine the quality. If you are looking at a shirt, make sure the pattern lines up at the seams. If it doesn’t, then the shirt was probably not put together very well.


Step 3: To buy quality clothing, the seams should have hems which are invisible on pants, jackets, and skirts. Hems which are visible, on these types of clothes, are a bad sign.


Step 4: Nice, high quality clothing will have a little extra material on the side of the inside of the clothing.


Step 5: The stitching of quality clothing is always straight and has no fused seams. Seams that are not fused tend to fall apart rather quickly.


Step 6: Finally, you should look at the label. If the label is falling off and looks like it is made from cardboard, then you clothing is most likely of low quality. The quality of a piece of clothing is reflected on in the quality of the tag.


Tips: To buy quality clothing for less, it should obviously have a consistent color.


Many retail clothing stores, such as the Gap have pretty good prices and some decent quality clothes.


Sports coats should always have a lining throughout the entire inside.


Jeans should be double stitched around the seams and stress points.


Warnings: If buying clothes from thrift stores, you should be extra careful in your analysis.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Checkout the Goodwill. they have great clothes at less prices.
September 28, 2009
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paul said:

Nice article. Looking for quality clothes at a fair price is being a smart consumer.
September 29, 2009
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