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How to Remove Hair with Sandpaper
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Written by John C   

How to Remove Hair with Sandpaper

Intro: To avoid razor burn and cuts from shaving, try using sandpaper to remove hair. A fine grade of sand paper can remove hair and exfoliate your skin. Follow these steps to remove hair with sandpaper.


Step 1: To remove hair with sandpaper, you will need to purchase some very fine textured sandpaper. Virtually every hardware store will have a wide variety of sandpaper. Avoid any sandpaper which is extremely heavy duty or rough.


Step 2: Before using the sandpaper to remove hair, make sure you have some body wash and a body moisturizer. Any sort of oil, such as baby oil or bath oil, will work fine as a moisturizer.


Step 3: To remove hair with sandpaper, you should make sure the area where you want hair removal is wet along with the sandpaper. Using the body wash, wash the area before removing hair. It is best to remove hair during or after a shower.


Step 4: Holding tightly onto the sandpaper, rub gently up and down on your skin. The hair should start coming off with a few rubs. Once the hair is gone, move onto the next area.


Step 5: To remove hair with sandpaper, you should rinse off the sandpaper every minute to remove any hair building up. Keep repeating this process until all unwanted hair is removed.


Step 6: Once you are finished removing hair, you should apply body moisturizer or oil to area you sandpapered.


Tips: To remove hair with sandpaper, you should use a fresh piece every time.


Your skin is being exfoliated at the same time.


Be gentle. It shouldn’t take much force to remove hair.


Warnings: Sandpaper can cause some people irritation. If you feel pain or irritation, stop immediately.


If your skin has a rash, a cut, or blister, don’t use sandpaper to remove hair in that area.

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paul said:

Removing hair with sandpaper sounds like it might hurt a bit. I guess you have to be very gentle.
June 27, 2009
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