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How to Prepare for Electrolysis

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How to Prepare for Electrolysis

Intro: One of the few methods to remove hair, electrolysis, will require many sessions. These sessions must be prepared for to ensure things go smoothly. Follow these steps to prepare for electrolysis.


Step 1: To prepare for electrolysis, you should be aware that you will need many treatments which will take place about 6 weeks apart for about a year. You will require many treatments because electrolysis only destroys about 40 percent of the hair you treat. Although, after many treatments, electrolysis proves to be a powerful permanaent hair removal treatment.


Step 2: Take a painkiller about a half hour before each hair removal procedure to help deal with the pain of the electrolysis procedure.


Step 3: To prepare for electrolysis, you should do a lot of research on the electrolysis salon you go to. All equipment should be clean and sterilized between patients. One nasty side effect of electrolysis can be infection, so make sure you are picky about which salon you choose. Find a place with a good reputation for quality permanent hair removal.


Step 4: Electrolysis can be expensive since so many treatments are required. You may be able to find an hour of electrolysis for as cheap as 30 dollars but after a ton of treatments, the price will really add up.


Step 5: Before getting electrolysis, you should avoid showering or getting the area wet for a few hours before the procedure. Hairs are easier to remove if they have been dry for awhile.


Tips: To prepare for electrolysis, speak with a professional about the procedure.


Warnings: Electrolysis is more painful for some and not so bad for some. It depends on your skins sensitivity, the area treated, and your pain tolerance. Almost every for of hair removal requires some amount of pain.


Electrolysis can sometimes lead to scarring and infection.

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