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How to Become a Stewardess
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How to Become a Stewardess

Intro: A stewardess or flight attendant has a wide range of responsibilities when on a flight. One of the major benefits of being a stewardess is being able to fly free or at very cheap rates. Follow these steps to learn how to become an airline stewardess.


Step 1: If you are still in high school, you should start taking classes about the travel industry (if offered) as well as a foreign language. If you want to be a airline stewardess who is flying to France and back all the time, you may want to take French in high school and college. This can give you a competitive advantage over other stewardess’s and flight attendants trying to get the same job.


Step 2: To become an airline stewardess, go to college and try to get at least an associate degree. You should try to gear your studies towards a hospitality management major and a foreign language minor.


Step 3: While in college or high school, start gaining some customer service experience. You should look for jobs where you will have to work with customers all day. This experience will look great on your resume when trying to land your first airline stewardess job.


Step 4: Once you have your degree and some customer service experience, start looking for airline stewardess openings. Visit all of the airlines websites and look in the career section for job openings. When applying to openings, try to convey to the employer how your experience so far will make you a great airline flight attendant. If you are open to relocating, you will have a higher chance of landing a job.


Step 5: Once you get hired, you will attend the airline’s flight training school. In about a month or two, your training will be complete and you should be ready for your first flight as a stewardess.


Tips: To become an airline stewardess, you may not need a bachelor’s degree but an associate’s degree will usually be needed.


Warnings: Avoid any commercial airline stewardess training schools which you have to pay for.


These usually are a waste of money and will not help you get a job.

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jswana said:

I'm sure requirements change but my niece became one in the 90s and made it her second career after working in Nursing for a couple of years and going back to the Airlines. She didn't have an Associate's, only high school, but had other qualifications I guess that were suitable...she had modeled and acted. These are very hard jobs but the benefits are the prestige associated with flight attending, seeing the world, traveling for free! Good article.
November 20, 2011
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