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How to Open a Frozen Car Door
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How to Open a Frozen Car Door

Intro: During the ice cold winter months, many car doors will become frozen shut. Follow these steps and suggestions to open a frozen car door.


Step 1: Make sure all the doors are unlocked and then try to open each one. You may find that one of the back doors or passenger door is not frozen. In this case, you’ll have to climb over to the front seat but at least you got in the car.


Step 2: Use a battery powered hair dryer to heat the lock and door up. This should melt the frozen door and lock.


Step 3: Try using a lighter to get the car key super hot and then stick it in the key slot melting any ice. This technique will work well but be careful not to burn yourself with using the lighter to heat up your key.


Step 4: Buy a lock deicer. You can pick these up at Wal-Mart, Target, and any hardware store. With this device, you usually insert a tiny tube into the lock and the deicer will melt the frozen lock.


Step 5: Take a large cup of hot water and pour it on the lock and around the edges of the door. This can help melt any ice around the door and lock and help you open any frozen car door.


Tips: A deicer can be very helpful with trying to open a frozen car door.


Warnings: Be careful when heating your key with a lighter.


Don’t burn yourself when dumping hot water onto your car door.

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