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How to Work on a Movie Set

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How to Work on a Movie Set

Intro: To be on the set of a movie or commercial you need to work as an extra, actor, intern, assistant or director. Follow these steps to work on a movie set.


Step 1: To work on a movie set, you can audition to be an actor in the film or commercial. If you are an actor, you will need an agency to help get you jobs. You will need to find as many agencies which have acting divisions and try to get signed by all of them. You will need to send in a headshot, maybe some additional photos, a resume, and a letter telling the agency more about yourself.


Step 2: You can work on a movie set if you are a director. If you are going to film school to become a director, you should apply for any internship or assistant jobs for every film possible. Even if you don’t get paid, you will gain valuable experience and have fun working on the set of a movie.


Step 3: To work on a movie set, you can become a movie extra. Movie extras get paid to stand in the backgrounds of scenes. Again, the best way to get work is to get signed by a few acting agencies which work with extras.


Step 4: To be cast as a movie extra or actor, you can take matters in your own hands and try to find auditions and casting calls online at websites like craigslist.org which is an online classifieds. You can find job listings under the “tv/film/video” and “talent” sections.


Step 5: To work on a movie set, you can try contacting a local film commissions. Major cities will typically have companies trying to bring movies to the area. If you can get into contact with these companies, you can ask them about upcoming opportunities.


Tips: To work on a movie set, you will need to try and get an internship or assistant job.


To be in a movie, you will need to get cast as an actor or extra.


Warnings: Getting in a movie is tough; especially a big blockbuster movie.


To have a good chance of working on a movie set, you should move to wear a lot of movies get made, such as California and New York.

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