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How to Make a Fruit Tray

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Written by Sheila M   

How to Make a Fruit Tray Intro: Want to create a tasty fruit tray for your next party or get together? Want the perfect combination of fruit on your fruit tray? Follow these steps to make an easy fruit tray.


Step 1: Get some fruit. For this fruit tray, you will need some oranges, red grapes, green grapes, and a dip for your fruits.


Step 2: Rinse your fruit. Wash the green and red grapes in running water to make sure all chemicals are cleaned off.


Step 3: Break the stems of the grapes so you have around 5 grapes per stem. You don’t have to pick all the grapes from the stems, instead keep the grapes on the stems but just break up the stems.


Step 4: Cut each orange into 4 pieces.


Step 5: Put a dip bowl on a plate and arrange the fruit around the bowl. Arrange the oranges across the plate from each other and the grapes across the plate from each other also.


Step 6: Fill the bowl with a fruit dip of your choice, serve your fruit tray, and enjoy!


Tips: Depending on the season, you can try different fruits on your fruit trays.


You can also serve a veggie tray for non-fruit people.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
This is one of the best articles that I have ever read. The good thing is that it is so simple to make.
May 29, 2009
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paul said:

I love fruit trays.
June 03, 2009
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