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How to Find Sensual Pressure Points

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Written by Sheila M   

How to Find Sensual Pressure Points


Intro: A great way to turn the flame back on with your husband or wife is through a nice pressure point massage. Giving your loved one a special massage is a great way to spice up your lives and show how special you are to each other. Follow these steps to find sensual pressure points.


Step 1: Light some candles and put on some music. Pick up some massage oil and offer your loved one a massage. Virtually no one will turn down a massage.


Step 2: Warm up the massage oil and start by rubbing your partner’s feet. Work your way from the feet up to the back and neck. Take your time on the massage and stay longer in areas that your partner likes massaged. If they have sore legs then spend more time on their legs.


Step 3: When massaging their feet, you should pay attention to their individual toes and inner foot. There are many sensual pressure points in this area of the foot.


Step 4: Pay attention to certain sensual pressure points, such as behind their knees, inner legs, neck, and ears. These areas are common pressure point areas which you should spend more time on.


Step 5: Don’t rush through the massage. Take your time and make it a long wonderful massage for your partner. Maybe they will return the favor by giving you a massage.


Tips: Listen to what your partner likes and dislikes.


Take your time throughout the massage.

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