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How to Afford a Disney World Vacation

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Written by Sheila M   

How to Afford a Disney World Vacation

Intro: Taking a vacation anywhere can be expensive; especially when you want to visit Disney World. Follow these steps to learn how to afford a Disney World vacation.


Step 1: Don’t go at Christmas. Tons of families go around Christmas time and prices increase because of this demand increase. Try going in the springtime when prices are cheaper.


Step 2: Don’t stay at the Disney resort. Stay at a normal hotel and resort which is not owned by Walt Disney. They will often have much cheaper prices and offer shuttles to Disney World.


Step 3: Research! Research the prices of food before you leave. Find places where you can get reasonably priced lunches and dinners. If you get hungry and are stuck somewhere where you are unfamiliar, you will end up paying a ton for an expensive dinner somewhere.


Step 4: Bring snacks. If you bring a lot of snacks, you can keep your kids and yourself full until dinner. Not having to buy 5 meals a day will save you a ton of money. Snacks can help everyone only need 3 meals a day.


Step 5: Don’t rent a car. Have the hotel pick you up and use their free shuttles or buses to get to and from Disney World. This can save you a nice chunk of money.


Tips: Pay attention to commercials and advertisements. They often will run a special, once a year, for a super cheap week at Disney World.


Always check online for cheaper tickets, hotels, flights, and etc.

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paul said:

Walt Disney vacations can be fun for children and adults. Good article.
August 02, 2009
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Wish I had the time to go to Disneyland.
August 04, 2009
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