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How to Stop Leg Pain

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How to Stop Leg Pain

Intro: Leg pain comes from cramping of the muscles which can result from a variety of factors. There are natural cures which can help prevent and treat leg pain and cramping. Follows these steps to stop leg pain.


Step 1: Stretch. Taking 10 minutes a day to do some simple hamstring, calf, and thigh stretches can help increase flexibility and reduce leg cramping and pain.


Step 2: Adjust your diet. You need to make sure you are getting enough vitamins. Start adding fresh fruit and veggies to your daily meals.


Step 3: Drink lots of water. Drink plenty of water to prevent muscle dehydration. If you can stand it, drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it everyday.


Step 4: Stop drinking pop and coffee. Caffeine reduces your body’s ability to absorb mineral and vitamins.


Step 5: Soak in a hot bath or hot tub. If I am sore all over from a tough work out, nothing makes my body feel as good as spending 30 minutes in a hot tub or hot bath. Drink a lot of water while in the hot tub or bath to help stay hydrated.


Tips: Drink plenty of water.


Eat veggies and fruits to get your vitamins.


To stop leg pain, I would add stretching to your daily routine.


Warnings: If your leg pain continues, you should see a doctor for professional advice.

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