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How to Bake Cookies

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How to Bake Cookies

Intro: When baking your own cookies you can determine the crispiness or chewiness of the cookie by adjusting the ingredients and the time you keep them in the oven.


Step 1: When using a recipe to bake cookies you should follow the instructions very thoroughly and be careful not to over or under measure the ingredients. Use measuring spoons or cups to measure out every single piece of ingredient.


Step 2: To bake cookies, check your baking soda or powder first. Add a little vinegar to baking soda or a little hot water to baking powder to see if it bubbles. If it doesn’t bubble then you should purchase some fresh baking soda or powder.


Step 3: To have thinner and crisper cookies adjust the baking soda. Add a small amount of extra baking soda to the cookie dough to increase the pH of the dough. This helps to weaken the structure, letting the dough spread easier.


Step 4: The have thick and chewy cookies you should use coarser sugar. Sugar acts as a tenderizer and coarser sugar dissolves less easily than normal sugar causing your cookies to hold together better. The longer you cook your cookies the thinner and crispier they will get.


Step 5: To bake cookies, Grease your baking sheet with vegetable shortening or unsalted butter. Vegetable oil will tend to burn in between your cookies and is tough to clean up.


Step 6: Your recipe should also have a bake time. If the bake time is 9-11 minutes then you should check your cookies around 6-7 minutes to see how they are coming. If they are looking good it may be time to pull them out. If they look way too raw then leave them in. If you put out your cookies a few minutes early, they will stay soft even days later.


Step 7: Let your cookies cool for a few minutes. Take them off of the hot baking sheet and put them on a room temperature surface to stop the cooking process. Once they cool, enjoy!


Tips: To bake cookies, use room temperature butter because cold butter requires more mixing which can make the texture of the cookie worse.


Warnings: Adding too much baking soda can ruin your batch of cookies.

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