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How to Quote From a Book

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How to Quote From a Book

Intro: There a few ways to quote a saying or sentence from a book. Follow these steps to properly quote a book and not get in trouble from copyrights.


Step 1: Once you decide on the sentence of phrase you would like to quote, you should add it to your essay or book with “quotation marks.” For example, Hamlet said “To be or not to be.”


Step 2: Once you have the quote in quotations you can include the author and year it was written in parentheses at the end of the quote. For example, Hamlet said “To be or not to be” (Hamlet 1601).


Step 3: At the end of the book or essay you should have a works cited page or bibliography. That page(s) should contain information about your quotes. You should include the author, title of the piece of work, which chapters (if any), the city and state the book was published, and the year published.


Step 4: You could also try footnotes to cite the quotation. Footnotes would list a small number subscripted after the quote which would correspond to a number at the very bottom of the page which would contain the information of where the quote came from.


Tips: To cite an article instead of a book you may have to include different information.


Warnings: If you don’t cite the quote you could be infringing on a copyright.

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